Breakups are Trending

So this is my first blog, which basically is about the most trending thing that I have observed in teenagers that is Breaking up the relationship.

Too soon, too late, in a few months or maybe after years doesn’t matter, what is the time span, but it feels like in many cases couples rarely think about the consequences and just wants to set themselves free from their relationship. And this is the time when they feel falling apart is the only choice. But what catches the attention here is “Why they do so?”. There are many answers to these questions but I would like to highlight the ones which are immature and decisions that are often taken in rage. To list a few :

  1. When one needs time from the other but is not able to get it. (Here, talk about what makes you feel so let your emotions out)
  2. The couple is more bothered about what their friends would say on a particular matter and always ask for advice from them (here, never involve a third person or let them know about you two it acts as a catalyst to ruin things)
  3. When the family is against them or their relationship(here, try taking a stand for your partner, p.s.: only when it’s not too serious)
  4. At a point, it starts feeling that priorities on either side are changing. (Here, try loving the other person more start exploring various places together, try to bring that love back in different ways)
  5. When there are small disputes or fights going on (here, conclude your arguments with a solution that both can agree)
  6. When they fail to imitate another couple which we call #couplegoals these days.

These are just a few to be listed but true ones. I wonder why can’t a relationship be only about each other and then about the world. All the above listed can be sorted out by just a calm discussion between the two and bringing a solution that allows them to cherish the moments together rather than just sulking, complaining, crying about it and chose to break up.

It takes guts to stick with your partner through all ups and downs, in which today’s generation is lacking. People are afraid to face the downs together. The fantasy imagery of a happy love story is good to imagine but hard to adhere to.

The appalling thing is most of the time couples know what would be the aftermath of their decision to date each other. For example, parents won’t allow as our caste is different. But still they choose to date each other and spends months and years of dating, but when the time comes to actually face that situation they give it a shot to try, but if they fail to do so they split.

The point is why to give up on someone so easily that once was your everything and you yourself have allowed them to enter your life. Practicality demands to set each other free not to set away from each other and move on.

Keep loving your partner and face everything together.